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Does a training diary help you lose weight?

Does a training diary help you lose weight? Why should training performance be documented in the training diary? This article sheds light on this question.


Document training performance in the training diary

Many athletes do their sport without a plan or system, and often struggle with time or motivation problems. But if you want to do an effective sport training, or are even in the preparation phase for a sport competition, such a training is usually crowned with little success. A cleanly kept training diary can not only help to make the training more successful, but can also be a welcome motivational aid.

Not only for hobby athletes or even professionals, sport, and above all training, only makes sense if one can also recognize successes. Who likes to train without getting better?

Sporting training is only successful and effective if it follows certain training principles, is carried out regularly, and also plans certain periods of regeneration and takes breaks again and again.
Every athlete can have a qualified trainer create a specific training plan for the respective sport.

The planning of an athletic training guarantees the greatest success. From this point of view, it is advisable to document and, above all, evaluate the training performance. A simple training diary is a good way to do this. Alternatively, there are apps.

With a training diary you can document the scope of performance, assess and observe your personal performance in the long run, and you are always encouraged to train regularly. For this reason, training documentation in a training diary is also a great Motivational help.
Blockquote>Because in such a training diary not only sporty achievements are noted, but also too large training breaks are visible.

Is a training diary useful?

Depending on the athletic goal, whether you want to lose weight for example by regular sport , or in his sport to prepare for an upcoming competition, the documentation of a scheduled training helps to greater sporting success , or simply to a more effective training.

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