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Is dental floss important?

This article answers the question, is dental floss important? In addition 7 kinds of dental floss are shown and how to use dental floss correctly.

As we know, brushing your teeth several times a day is the first duty to keep your teeth healthy and clean. In addition, however, there are still very good aids, because unfortunately the toothbrush does not reach everywhere. The small interdental spaces are often not reached with the bristles of the toothbrush.

We even speak here of about 40%, which cannot be achieved with tooth brushing alone.

But this is important because bacteria accumulate in the small spaces in between, which can lead to inflammation, tartar or plaque, caries and painful gum disease if they are not removed.

Is dental floss important? Dental and dental floss – a good team

The spaces between the teeth can be easily reached with dental floss. Exactly where the toothbrush does not go so well at the back molars, bacteria find a particularly friendly environment for them. Here the adjacent teeth touch and leave little space for the bristles to perform their cleaning work.
Blockquote>Floss can now be very helpful. With it you can get between the smallest cracks and remove stuck leftovers from the mouth. But how to do this most effectively?

There are a few small guidelines to follow in order to achieve the best possible result.

What kind of floss do you want?

The drugstore departments of many shops offer a wide range of different types of floss. There are

  • waxed and unwaxed,
  • fluffy,
  • thicker and thinner,
  • teflon-coated,
  • silver plated,
  • fluoride-containing dental floss
  • dental floss with different flavours and many more

The Teflon-coated floss passes through the gaps more easily, but does not clean as thoroughly. Unwaxed dental floss is probably the most frequently used and also the one with which dental cleaning is very successful.
floss is not usually made of silk, but of very thin cotton threads that are twisted together.

Use dental floss correctly: How?

First you pull out a 30 cm long piece of dental floss from the container and cut it off. Some dental floss have already been prepared to the correct length and the beginning and end have been marked with a section so that the correct length can be seen.

Now floss around the middle or index finger of each hand and hold the ends with your thumb. Just try out how best to deal with it. The distance between the fingers should be about 15 cm. Now you have the thread firmly in your hand and can start cleaning the interdental spaces.

Is dental floss important

Start the page that seems easier to you and start with the last tooth. Rub the thread from the bottom, i.e. from the gingival margin upwards along the “tooth wall” and do not forget the adjacent tooth. He wants to be clean too. Especially with narrow interspaces floss very carefully, because you can easily damage the gums with the silk and bleeding will occur quickly.

Compare here and use different strengths to see which one you can cope with best.

Take each tooth and coil the silk a little further after every 4th-5th tooth so that the bacteria cannot immediately reattach. This is also the reason why one should cut off a longer piece.

If you have any further questions, please contact your dentist.

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