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How to Treat the Worm Disease

How to Treat the Worm Disease: our household remedy helps you to get rid of this disease quickly and effectively. It can be bought anywhere!

How to Treat the Worm Disease: with the tree of the gods

The tree of the gods also called Ailantus altissima is a roundish tree which can grow up to 20m high. The bark is ash grey with white stripes, the leaves are pinnate and consist of spindles and can grow to a length of 15 cm to 25 cm. The leaves also have fine hair and emit an unpleasant scent.

How to Treat the Worm Disease

It flowers from July to August, yellowish panicles with individual flowers, the fruits are winged fruits on the stem. The tree of the gods is widespread in many European countries, but originally comes from China. The groupage is the bark and also the young twigs.

Collect the medicinal plant in March to April, peel the bark and cut off the young branches, then dry carefully. The dry material can be stored in a fabric bag. The herb has an antiseptic effect, helps against diarrhoea and also against worm diseases. For diarrhoea or worm infestation, brew 3gr for 100ml of water and drink two cups a day.

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