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What helps against weak veins for women?

This article presents 3 approaches in response to the question, what helps against weak veins? There are things that everyone has done in a few minutes.

What helps against weak veins?

Despite weak veins, there are certain behaviours and tips to do something good for your legs or veins. The veins are heavily strained during the day, so conscious protection of the veins in the legs can contribute more to their relief. Here are some tips on this topic:

Movement helps to relieve the veins and prevents varicose veins

Even people who tend to have weak veins on their legs can do a lot to protect their legs and to counteract varicose veins.

In such a case you should definitely move a lot. Sitting and standing is poison for weak veins, while running or movement is good for the legs because it activates the muscle pump. This supports the return of the blood to the heart and prevents blood congestion in the legs.

But you should also pay some attention to the type of movement, as round and fluid movements are better than fast and choppy movements, as for example when playing squash. Sports such as swimming, dancing, cycling, hiking or gymnastics are suitable in this context because they have a positive influence on the muscle pump.

Right behaviour in everyday life, help to relieve the veins

Sitting or standing for a long time should be avoided, as this causes the blood to sag. If you cannot avoid sitting or standing for professional reasons, you should always try to keep your legs slightly active by rocking or tapping your feet. Also, you should avoid crossing your legs, as this will squeeze the veins in your legs.

alternating warm showers and Kneipp castings or treading water prove to be particularly favorable because it activates vein activity. The cold stimulus causes the blood vessels to contract. On the other hand, long hot full baths, sauna visits and long sunbaths in the blazing sun are very harmful because they dilate the blood vessels.

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