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How to diurese naturally: 2 home remedies

How to diurese naturally: In this article we present two diuretic household remedies that anyone can get quickly and easily. They are two special plants.

How to diurese naturally: the European water-plantain

The European water-plantain,  common water-plantain or mad-dog weed or also called Alisma plantagoaquatica is a perennial plant with short rootstock from which leaves up to 80cm high can grow. The leaves grow directly from the root and have a long stalk, they have an oval shape.

The flowers are very numerous, mostly 3 white or pink reddish flowers, the fruits are roundish and pressed in the middle of the plant. The common Frog Spoonbill is common throughout Europe, the leaves of the medicinal plant are collected, which are cut off directly at the heel of the stem in May to August.

Then dry the leaves well in a shady place and store in the cloth bag. The active substances of the medicinal plant such as resins, bitter substances and essential oils are a diuretic and also have a sedative effect. Brew 1gr to 100ml water, drink two to three cups a day, add 20gr to 10ml alcohol as tincture, prepare eight days and then 30 drops daily.

Diurese naturally with red marshmallow

The red marshmallow or Alcea rosea is a perennial plant with fleshy fibre roots. The plant grows 2m to 3m high and is densely hairy. The roundish and hand-shaped leaves are divided into up to 7 lobes and have a long stalk, which becomes shorter and shorter towards the stems.

The flowers of the red marshmallow are up to 10cm tall, consisting of a calyx with up to 5 sepals. The colour can range from pink to purple and bright red, in cultivated plants also white over yellow. The fruits are roundish and hidden in the sepals.

Red marshmallow is widespread in the eastern Mediterranean regions, but today it can also be found throughout southern Europe. It grows in stony places, the flowers are collected from plants as medicinal goods.

The medicinal plant is collected all year round, cutting off the flower before opening, drying well and storing in glass containers. The active ingredients of tannins and plant mucus have ejecting and softening effects and can abort urine. Add 2gr to 100ml water, brew and drink two to three cups a day.

But also with an inflamed mouth, reddened skin with furuncles or itching the medicinal plant can help, here give 4gr on 100ml water, and rinse out or put as a compress on affected area, also good for dry skin.

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