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How to train a six pack?

This article gives some tips for six-pack training so that summer can come. What do you have to do to get ripped?

Tips for the six-pack training

The six-pack not only looks good – the female world likes it – but is also a good condition for an upright posture. The spine is relieved and thus prevents back pain. A six-pack also always brings a good muscle pack for the body trunk, and thus also has an important health function.
But not only because of the stability of the hull is a six-pack very important, but also because of the body weight.

Because only who has a body fat portion of under 12 per cent, can have at all a Sixpack, and is thus also not over-weighty and lives thus much healthier.

The biggest hurdle – motivation?

A nice six-pack should be motivation enough – but it is difficult to maintain this motivation day after day. The following tips should make it a lot easier.

To see results you should work with photos. Taking a picture before and sticking it to the refrigerator door to stick to the eating and training schedule makes it easier. Enter the data of the measurement of chest, abdominal and biceps circumference into the six-pack diary. Measure every three to four weeks and re-enter the data. Once a week, at the same time each day, climb onto the scale and note the weight in the book.

The maximum number of crunches reached is also recorded in the diary, so you always have an overview of the training progress.

What to consider with six-pack training?

The exercise should be so difficult that you can repeat it 10 – 12 times, in 3 to 5 sentences. Muscle tension must be maintained in all movements and all exercises should be performed slowly and without swing. Proper breathing is also important – exhale during exercise.

How to train a six pack

In a training session, various exercises must be performed, e.g. for the straight, oblique, lower and upper abdominal muscles. The rest phase (training break) must be observed, since growth takes place here.

Crunches – how to do them correctly?

One lies with the back on the ground and has the legs in 90 degrees angled. Put your arms aside and your fingertips to your temple – do not use your hands to pull on your head. Now the upper body is lifted with the strength of the trunk muscles until the shoulder blades no longer touch the ground. Keep your back straight and your head in line with your upper body. Hold this position for a few seconds and then slowly lower the upper body again – also in this position hold the muscle tension.

Crunches are the better alternative than situps because they are gentler and safer to perform and thus avoid damage to the spine.

With these tips and backgrounds you get a nice six-pack – but without the necessary discipline it is unfortunately not feasible. So it’s – keep the motivation high, look at the visible results from the diary and the photos and diligently continue training – then nothing stands in the way of a taut stomach.

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