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10 unusual tips for skin and hair

This article offers 10 unusual tips for skin and hair. If you fancy something new, don’t miss it! The tips are for your skin, eyes, lips and much more.

Here’s the table of contents. Click on the anchors to jump there. Have fun!

    1. Really “only” scales?
    2. Oil for oily skin
    3. Miscellaneous bamboo
    4. Kissmouth
    5. More than just hot air: Cupping
    6. exercises for the feet
    7. Why acorns so good
    8. Tackle wrinkles
    9. Cleaned tint
    10. For tight legs and stomach


Really “only” scales?

If it keeps trickling white onto the sweater, it’s embarrassing, but it’s just a cosmetic problem – many people believe.

And wonder why they can’t handle the usual anti-dandruff shampoos. Dandruff often has deeper causes than just dry scalp:
In many cases the fungus is Pityrosporum ovale Schuld.

Scaly people should therefore take products containing the active ingredient ketoconazole. Studies show that it removes the fungus in around 85 percent of those affected. Pityrosporum ovale prefers to settle in areas of skin with many sebaceous glands, including the hairy scalp. Normally the immune system keeps the fungal spores in check, but in susceptible people they often cause eczema. Already normal dandruff can be a sign of fungal infestation; other symptoms are itching and redness.
In extreme cases, untreated eczema can lead to hair loss.

Anti-dandruff shampoos with ketoconazole are freely available in pharmacies.

Oil for oily skin

Oil on overzealous sebaceous glands seems paradoxical. But some vegetable oils help very well against pimples and blackheads.

Use fat against fat – for anthroposophic skin care this is the right way. It is about activating the body’s own balancing forces. That is why we also recommend facial oil for oily skin, because it helps to normalize sebum production in the long term. Here’s the idea: If the skin gets fat from the outside, it reduces the overproduction of its own. Also the conventional cosmetics relies on vegetable oils against pimples. However, the antibacterial effect of essential oils (e.g. tea tree), which take away purulent inflammations, is more important.

Further effect: The oils can have a positive influence on the acid mantle of the skin.

TIP: In pharmacies and drugstores there is natural Jojoba oil, which due to its special, non-greasy nature is considered a joker against problems with impure skin. It can be used simultaneously for cleansing, skin and hair care.

Wonder remedy bamboo – the green for your hair.

unusual tips for skin and hair bamboo

This green has it all: bamboo grows rapidly to a height of up to 40 metres, its delicate shoots can be eaten, the soft fibres are stuck in textiles, and its wood is suitable as a building material, as it is flexible and robust at the same time. The plant has now also been discovered for the care of our hair. After all, we also want them to be robust and yet supple. Garnier and Schwarzkopf rely on the invigorating essences in their new lines of the miracle plant .


So that our mouths always look seductive and healthy, we have had the most important questions on the subject answered.

What is so special on the lip skin?

The lip skin is a transition skin to the oral mucosa, it lacks the superficial corneal layer that we have on the rest of the skin. This is why the vessels shimmer through under the skin, the lip is red when we are warm, and bluish when the vessels are narrow in the cold. Moreover, the skin of the lips has no sebaceous glands, i.e. it cannot be greased from the inside, as is the case everywhere else on the skin.

If my girlfriend uses my lipstick, it’s unhygienic?

unusual tips for skin and hair lipsHowever, because there are pathogens that can be transmitted in this way – herpes viruses, for example. If you want to change a lipstick, you should wipe the surface with a paper towel: This eliminates most pathogens. Applying the paint with a brush is only useful if the brush is cleaned properly in between.

Men really love red lips?

Of course, red lips are sexy. So are short skirts, high shoes and long fingernails. Provided the right woman adorns herself with it.

How long can I keep a lipstick?

Lipsticks have a very long shelf life. As a rule, they do not contain any water, and therefore no germs that can lead to rapid spoilage grow on them.

More than just hot air: Cupping

Many people think cupping is medieval hocus-pocus. But the healing method alleviates symptoms such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

The back of the patient reminds of a domino after the treatment, even blood can flow. But despite the hardship, the method is said to be ineffective – cupping is not very popular in classical medicine. In the ancient healing method, the air in previously heated glasses placed on the back creates a negative pressure on the skin. This is supposed to release muscular tension, improve blood circulation and thus relieve the nerves.

New studies now give the procedure a good report: In a study of the Berlin Charité with 52 patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, Schröpfen successfully scored . In the syndrome, a constricted nerve at the wrist and tensions in the shoulder area cause pain, numbness and tingling in the arm at night. In the group of patients who were cupped, the symptoms decreased by 60 percent within seven days; in control patients who were treated with heat, only 23 percent.

In an Iranian university study, patients with back pain who had been cupped needed painkillers less often and remained relatively mobile. Despite the new studies, the critics are not silenced – also because there is a certain risk of infection in “bloody cupping”, in which the skin is slightly scratched before treatment. However, cupping can be an alternative for many patients with protracted back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome (surgery is often imminent if conventional treatment is unsuccessful).

How to find therapists

Doctors who use cupping are called by the Central Association of Physicians for Naturopathy and Regulatory Medicine. Statutory health insurance companies usually do not bear the costs (from about 25 euros per session).

Exercises for the feet

Now is the time for sandals, peeptoes, flip-flops. With our expert tips for perfect care, your feet can be seen everywhere

unusual tips for skin and hair legsFind a place where you can comfortably bend your legs and cross over. Massage your right foot first, then your left foot.

    • Left calf to the right thigh. Place one hand on the back of the foot and the other on the sole of the foot. With both hands at the same time gently from the tips of the toes to the ankles and back again. Repeat 3 times, then change.
      Position as above.
    • Place thumbs next to each other on the sole of the heel. Rub vigorously in small spirals towards the toes, then slide back again with slight pressure. Repeat 3 times, change.

Support the foot with one hand, massage each toe with small friction from the joint to the tip.

  • Gently pull on each toe.

Take the skin between the toes with index finger and thumb, squeeze it a little and pull it carefully towards the tip of the foot with pressure.

Why acorns so good

Everybody knows that cuddling is good for you. But Swedish researchers at Gothenburg University have only just discovered why:

Our skin has a network of specialized nerves (“CT nerves”) that respond to slow, gliding touches. The group led by petting specialist Prof. Håkan Olausson also found that these nerves have a connection to the area of the brain that is responsible for positive feelings. This is why loving touch can dry tears and relieve pain in a matter of seconds. CT nerves are present almost all over the body – except in the palms of the hands and the intimate regions.

Tackle wrinkles

“I get wrinkles under the eyes. What can I do to keep them from getting deeper so quickly?”

You should treat this zone with products containing vitamin A. The dermatologically prescribed vitamin A acid (tretinoin), which stimulates cell division, is also ideal.

Maintained tint

The new make-ups can do more than just cover: they moisturize, disinfect and bind free radicals.

The times when make-up simply covered the skin and clogged pores are over. “Most modern foundations are very well tolerated,” says dermatologist Dr. Birgit Kunze. “They protect against harmful weather influences and usually offer additional sun protection.” That doesn’t seem to be enough for many beauty companies. For example, there are now make-ups that contain caring properties that we previously only knew from creams. In the Korres and Clinique brands, for example, antioxidants such as vitamin C protect the skin against free radicals. The mattifying fluid from La Roche Posay for combination skin removes the greasy shine from the skin and regulates sebum production with a combination of lipo-hydroxy acid and vitamin E, and bisabolol inhibits inflammation. L’Oréal, Lierac and Dr. Pierre Ricaud use hyaluronic acid to moisturise dry and mature skin and collagen and elastin to reduce wrinkles and elasticise the skin. Dr. Kunze knows another reason why make-up is good for the complexion: “Because you don’t want to blur anything, you don’t touch your face so much with your hands to wag.”

For tight legs and stomach

unusual tips for skin and hair stomachWe show you how to train two large muscle groups effectively with an elastic band.

Output position
You need a Thera band. These are available in different strengths in the trade, at the beginning a green one is best suited. Stand with both feet waist wide on the belt. Hold the long end in your right hand next to your body.

How it works
Lift the right leg and push it slowly to the side. You will notice how you have to work against the resistance of the strap to lift your leg. Pause briefly (small photo), lower your leg slowly again. Do ten repetitions and two to three sentences per page.

The higher the resistance, the more intense the workout: increase the resistance by changing to a “heavier” band (such as the red one) and keeping the long end of the band as short as possible.
The exercise becomes even more effective if you do not close your legs completely.
Hands resting on hips
Frequent errors
The movement is executed too fast: You don’t feel much. It is important, above all, to carry out the phase back to the main pillar quite consciously and almost as if in slow motion.
One likes to tilt the upper part of the body to compensate for the opposite side: This avoids you, the effect fizzles out. Try to keep yourself as straight as possible, then additionally train the abdominal muscles – without abdominal tension you tilt away, so the exercise is doubly effective.

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