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How to Prevent cardiovascular diseases

This article answers the question of how to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Here are 3 tips that were made in 5 minutes.

How to prevent cardiovascular diseases

A healthy and well-functioning cardiovascular system is important for the supply of the body. The entire organism benefits from the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the organs, muscles and brain.

How to Prevent cardiovascular diseases
There is a risk that the system is out of sync e.g. due to smoking, stress, lack of exercise, alcohol consumption, obesity, unbalanced nutrition.

The problem is that you may have high blood pressure for years and you may not even notice it at first. The body reacts however to the duration overload of the veins by hardening and becoming brittle. When an increased cholesterol level is added, the veins constrict and form plaque, which is often interspersed with lime.

This is then a starting Arteriosclerosis, which means that the heart has to pump more strongly to ensure an adequate supply of the organs. Of course, this places more strain on the heart than it should and can lead to cardiac insufficiency. Unfortunately, one notices this very late in symptoms such as tachycardia, shortness of breath during low exertion. Chronic coughing and frequent urination at night are also common symptoms, which are usually misinterpreted first.

What can you do to make sure it doesn’t come to that?

  • Reduce stress; autogenic training and yoga can make sense
    Change your diet to a low-fat diet rich in dietary fibres, paying attention to fats with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids and consuming animal fats sparingly. Sea fish is recommended because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis.
  • Movement is a central point to prevent: it regularly lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and lowers blood lipid levels. The elasticity of the vessels is increased. After consultation with the doctor you can start with a quick walk and then walk to endurance sports like running, cycling and swimming.
  • Avoid overweight

If the heart is already damaged, a special coronary sports group can be visited, the family doctor will be happy to provide information.

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