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A simple bladder infection remedy for women

If you are a woman with a bladder infection, you are looking for home remedies to solve the problem. In this article we present a simple solution.

Western strawberry tree helps with kidney inflammation and cystitis


bladder infection home remedy for womenThe western strawberry tree or also Arbutus unedo called is an evergreen plant or also a small bush which can also grow up to a 10 m high tree it comes from the family of heather plants and its bark is reddish and cracked. The leaves of the western strawberry tree are oval in shape and pointed at both ends, with numerous small teeth on the edge and the leaves themselves having a leathery consistency.

The flowers of this medicinal plant are end stable and overbent panicles that can form in autumn to winter.

Each flower consists of a small calyx and a white or pink crown. The fruits are fleshy roundish berries with a warty surface. The western strawberry tree is widespread in the coastal forests of the Mediterranean region, mainly in dry locations.

Biliary cystitis home remedy female

With this medicinal plant, the leaves are used for collection. These are picked individually with stems in May to August. Be careful not to collect the leaves of the previous year, this can easily be seen with these are darker and often brownish. The leaves are dried in layers in shade and then stored in small bags.

The active ingredients such as resins and polyphenol are diuretic, slightly antiseptic and astringent, and can therefore be used very well for medical purposes if you have stomach problems or diarrhoea.

In the case of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney inflammation or cystitis, 2 g per 100 ml of water and 2-3 small cups a day. But watch out: the strawberry tree belongs to the plants with the medicinal plants which one should use with caution.

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