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The HCG Diet and the YoYo effect

Does the HCG diet lead to a yoyo effect? What is the effect of this diet? Does it help to reduce the effects?

Excessive exercise and a low level of calories allowed per day is the concept on which many diets are based. Even for strong-willed and disciplined people, many of these programs are difficult or even impossible to maintain; failure is inevitable. The HCG diet uses the body’s own hormones to burn fat and lose 1-2 kilos per week.

HCG Diet: What is it about?

HCG diet yoyo effectThe hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is produced in the body of pregnant women and is responsible for the breakdown of fat cells which are difficult to access and which do not want to disappear through sport and calorie-conscious nutrition.

In the therapy developed by Dr. Simeon over 40 years ago, a small amount of this hormone is injected under the skin, where it develops its fat-reducing effect. In the meantime, the active ingredient is already available in droplet form for oral administration.

HCG diet yoyo effect?

HCG diet yoyo effect factsIn addition to using the hormone HCG a strict diet of about 500 calories per day is maintained. In contrast to conventional calorie-reduced diets, however, the test persons do not feel hungry. The hormone stimulates the burning of fat and at the same time maintains physical performance, and no muscle mass is lost. Since the body does not suffer from a deficiency, it does not switch on a low flame and will have no need to store lost calories in the form of new fat deposits after the treatment. So the yoyo effect is missing.

HCG diet: experiences regarding the yoyo effect

The injection in conjunction with a low-calorie diet causes the body to release and burn your stored fat.

The intake of HCG leads to the hypothalamus using a compartment of the human brain to use stored normal fat as its main energy source.

This allows your body to burn 2000 calories a day for strength. When fat is converted into calories, the fatty tissue contains vitamins, proteins and minerals that are returned to the body.
You won’t feel hungry and run down because your body is now running on your fat reserves, and the hypothalamus will begin to reprogram your body and reset it to a new lower weight so you can maintain weight loss and not experience a yo-yo effect.

HCG combined with a low-calorie diet enables your body to reduce all unnatural fat reserves and keeps your muscles and your structural fat in order.

Diet and sports program as a supplement to the HCG cure

500 calories a day is about a third of a woman’s basal metabolic rate, a quarter of a man’s basal metabolic rate. Keeping to the small amount is no problem with the simultaneous administration of HCG, since one does not feel any hunger and remains even still physically efficient – because also a fitness program is complementary to a cure with HCG. A possible mineral deficiency, which could be caused by the low calorie intake, can be prevented by using the cure only for a period of about 4 weeks and also having it monitored by a doctor.

suitable for all persons

Hollywood did it. Shortly after the delivery the stars present a top figure again. The latest weight loss trend is not only for women, but is also suitable for men.

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