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Relieve fever naturally: 2 home remedies

How can you reduce fever naturally? In this article we present two household remedies that anyone can buy and use – and they are cheap.

Relieve fever naturally: Home remedy black alder

The black alder, also called alnus glutinosa, can appear both as a shrub and as a large tree up to 25m high, whereby the bark is always very cracked. The branches are arranged horizontally, the leaves are roundish to oval, the edges are serrated. The surface of the leaves is sticky, older leaves are bare.

Relieve fever naturally

The flowers of the black alder are monoecious, consist of up to 6 small flowers, slightly bluish. The fruits are nuts in oval oblong fruit stands, with small wings. It is found all over Europe, preferably in moist places, along rivers and lakes.

The bark of the branches and the leaves of the medicinal plant are collected from May to July. Dry the collected goods well in the sun and store them in a cloth bag. The active ingredients such as tannins and bitter substances are diuretic, anti-inflammatory and can reduce high fever. To fight fever, add 3gr to 100ml of water and brew, then drink up to cups a day in case of high fever.

In case of gingivitis, haemorrhoids and other inflammations washing or rinsing can be done, add 5gr to 100ml water, after cooling rinse or wash.

Relieve fever naturally: home remedy Kalmus

The calmus, also known as Acorus calmus, is a perennial plant with a horizontally growing rhizome. The leaves grow directly from the roots and are sword-shaped long, and the calamus also has numerous flowers arranged one after the other on a spike. This produces reddish berries.

The calamus is an exclusive aquatic plant and grows in swamps and lakes and is widespread throughout Europe. The rootstock can be used as a medicinal plant for the calamus, which should be excavated in the months April to May. Then you have to wash the rootstock and divide it in length to dry it better.

Lowering fever with calmus is no problem because the medicinal plant is aromatic, bitter, tonic, appetizing, digestive and also reduces fever. You should take max 2gr per 100ml water and drink 1 to 2 cups a day. But be careful not to take too much then it can lead to side effects.

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