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How to reduce an inflammation in the mouth: a household remedy

How to reduce an inflammation in the mouth: here we present a household remedy that does this. This plant can be bought everywhere.

Ease inflammations in the mouth with church steeples

The common agrimonychurch steeples, sticklewort or also Agrimonia eupatoria is a perennial plant that grows 70cm to 80 cm tall. It has a small rhizome and leaves that are green on top and whitish felt on the underside, the leaves are oval in colour.

The flowers are arranged in a grape shape, the corolla is made of 5 bright yellow crown leaves, the fruits are drupes, the common Odermenning is found all over Europe, growing mainly along the roadside and around bushes.

The sprout tips, which should be collected at the beginning of the flowering period in July to August, are used as a medicinal plant. The tips are cut just before the root neck and then carefully dried. The collected goods can be stored in glass containers.

The active ingredients such as essential oils, tannins, sterols and bitter substances can help against many complaints and are cholagogue, anti-inflammatory, relieve itching, anti-rheumatic, effective against catarrh and alleviate inflammations in the mouth. Add 10gr to 100ml water and rinse mouth. But also in case of liver insufficiency or intestinal catarrh you can take the Ordinary Odermenning, then drink 2gr per 100ml water and 2 cups a day.

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