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Common cold and bronchitis: household remedies

This article describes 4 colds and bronchitis home remedies that everyone has at home. This is a quick way to get rid of the cold!

Cold and bronchitis: home remedy

The typical health problems, especially in the transitional periods in autumn and spring, are usually colds or bronchial problems. Especially with such comparatively mild clinical pictures it is often not necessary to go straight to the doctor, but one can already meet these health complaints with simple but effective home remedies. Here are some effective home remedies and recipes to make Cold and bronchitis master.


House remedies for colds

Sweating cure against colds: With herbs like lime blossoms or elder blossoms you can support your body in the fight against an infection. Pour boiling water over 2 teaspoons of each of the herbs, leave to infuse for ten minutes and drink before going to bed. The tea supports the sweating which can make the pathogens harmless. It is important to pack your body in warm pyjamas and cover it with a thick blanket.

Cold baths for muscle and joint pains: Severe colds often cause joint pains. Viruses are responsible for inflammations in the body that cause the pain. Baths with essential oils alleviate this pain. Menthol, thyme or eucalyptus are particularly suitable for this. The blood circulation of the muscles and the body temperature are increased, which provides relief.
A ten-minute bath in 38°C warm water is enough to alleviate the symptoms – in case of fever, however, the bath should not be taken.

Fresh chicken soup: The rise in body temperature can reduce aching limbs, but the respiratory tract also benefits. Put a fresh chicken with vegetables such as carrots, leeks, onions, parsley, bay leaves and juniper leaves in a pot, heat and simmer for one and a half hours. Spoon one to two litres daily, the rest can be frozen. Please do not use ready-made soups here – these are not helpful.

Cold And Bronchitis Home Remedies

House remedies for bronchial complaints

Cook a few potatoes (approx. 5 pieces), wrap them in household towels and place them in a large cloth. Now the potatoes are crushed and laid on the chest, covered with a cloth and left lying down until they are no longer warm.

Onion juice with honey: The mustard oil in the onions is sulphurous and disinfectant and therefore well suited to dissolve the secretion in the bronchi. Slice the onion and simmer for five minutes in half a litre of water. Sieve the brew and sweeten with honey (very good, natural mucolytic). Drink a few cups of hot water a day to help reduce secretions.

In the case of persistent and serious illnesses, always consult a doctor; these tips are only intended as support or can prevent or slow down an outbreak in the initial stage. The best way not to get sick in the first place, however, is still a permanently healthy diet, and of course a lot of sport. This strengthens the immune system and the body can usually help itself. To good health!

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