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Sore throat, fever and dry cough: household remedies

For sore throats, fever and chesty cough there are several home remedies, of which we present 5 here. One of them is honey, everyone has it at home.
Neck pain, fever and dry cough: Home remedy

The time of the colds is coming back, the doctor’s offices are filling up. But you don’t always have to see a doctor, because there are many household remedies that can save you the trouble of going to the doctor. With the right knowledge, you can help yourself and you don’t have to go to the often unloved doctor.

Here are some home remedies for sore throats, fever and chesty cough, which everyone can use easily but which are usually very effective.

Measures against sore throat

Gargle sage tea or chamomile tea against sore throat: Both sage tea and chamomile tea contain essential oils which relieve the inflammation in the throat and the tonsils. The solution can be prepared from two teaspoons sage leaves or camomile leaves . Add half a litre of boiling water to the leaves and leave to stand covered for 15 minutes. With warm tea gargle several times a day for a few minutes, spitting out the tea so that the bacteria are rinsed out.

Quark wrap for sore throats: Quark has many positive properties – it cools, slows down inflammation, relieves pain and has a decongestant effect. Apply 500 grams of quark to a thin cloth in a layer about 0.5 cm thick. Fold the cloth so that there is only a thin layer of fabric between quark and neck. Warm the quark wrap to body temperature (e.g. place on the heater) and lay it on the neck and wrap a towel or a cloth over it. Keep it on the neck until it dries.Sore throat, fever and dry cough: household remedies


Measures against fever

Block rate>Fever is a reaction of our body to infections, because pathogens cannot survive a body temperature above 38.5 degrees Celsius.

For this reason, fever suppression should only take place if the fever becomes too high. Slight fever should therefore not be suppressed; instead, particular attention should be paid to bed rest and a high fluid intake.

Cold wash: A linen cloth is placed in cold water, then pressed out a little and then legs, upper body and lower body are washed off. The body is not dried, but wrapped in a towel. The evaporation cold lowers the fever naturally.

– vinegar compress and calf compress against fever mix fruit vinegar and cold water in equal parts and soak tea towels or thin towels in it. Wring out the soaked cloths and immediately wrap them around the calves. Wrap with a dry cloth and keep it on your feet until the wraps warm slightly. Even a few processes can lower the fever.

Measures against irritable cough (and mucous solution)

Mix a tea made from 25 grams of marshmallow roots, 20 grams of Icelandic moss, 20 grams of aniseed fruits, 20 grams of fennel fruits and 15 grams of lime blossoms and then pour about 3 cups of boiling water over six teaspoons and leave to steep for 10 minutes.

Up to three cups a day reduce irritable cough.

TIP: Sweeten the tea with honey – because honey is one of the best natural mucolytics there is.

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