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Boxing workout for muscle building

How can you build muscle with a boxing workout? This article describes the basics and shows an introduction to boxing training.

Healthy boxing workout for muscle building

You don’t always have to run into a gym and do a classic muscle building program if you want to gain muscle. A well-dosed boxing workout increases fitness combined with light strength training. This stimulates the muscles and allows them to grow.

But there are a few things to consider.

Especially the boxing gloves are often more than they seem to be. Here you can do some things wrong or even right. Matching boxing gloves are available in every Boxing gloves shop.

There are numerous different quality levels and also the individual ideas must coincide with the boxing gloves. First of all: The market is completely flooded and there are countless manufacturers. Among them are editors who are specifically focused on boxing, but also manufacturers of general sporting goods.

Find the right boxing gloves

Boxing gloves are generally always padded and curved at the front to suit the finger position during boxing. They are available in leather, but sometimes also in sturdy plastic. The weight of the gloves is divided into oz (ounces). One oz corresponds here to 28.35 grams. However, there are differences according to your wishes. There should be small holes in the boxing glove to allow sweat to drain away. You should also use bandages underneath to protect your hands well.
Beginners in boxing should not use too heavy gloves to learn the technique.

Because you should master them, even if you don’t want to fight your opponent, but just build muscles. After all, you don’t want to hurt yourself and build muscles effectively and optimally. But if you’re already over the beginner level, it should be heavier models, because then the strength increase and the effect in muscle building is greater. You can walk with gloves up to 20 oz. The greater the weight, the greater the cushioning effect. So you can not get hurt so easily.

Boxing is definitely a good basis for general fitness combined with light strength training. The gloves are available in every boxing gloves shop. You can find the tools for this on the Internet as well as in a sports shop.



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