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Buy organic coffee online – coffee purchase with a clear conscience

Over time, a new, more holistic awareness emerges when making purchasing decisions and, in addition to factors such as price and quality, the question of production and sustainability is increasingly coming to the fore. One of the Germans’ most important luxury foods is being rediscovered – organic coffee is increasingly finding its way into German supermarkets.

The abandonment of pesticides in the cultivation of aromatic coffee cherries as a purchase criterion has fortunately already reached many consumers and not only the environment and health, but also the palate is grateful.

Only a few cents more per cup means the increased price of organic coffee and you can usually experience completely new taste experiences. Organic coffee: no bitter plörre, whose diverse aromas have to be suffocated in a mixture for a lot of milk and sugar.

But how do I find the dealer I trust best?

And what do I need to know if I want to buy my organic coffee online? Unfortunately, the advertising of many providers often promises ideals, which are only deceptively communicated on closer inspection. Many aspects play an important role in the final product of organic coffee. The approach of Coffee Circle is interesting.

The young Berlin-based company not only sells excellent organic coffee, but also tries to give the buyer an understanding of the entire spectrum from harvesting to roasting, as well as suitable accessories and the right preparation. This makes it possible to trace in a transparent way where the organic coffee comes from and what influence I exert through my purchase. And the innovative concept goes one step further and, in addition to the ecological side, takes the social level of organic coffee into account.

Buy organic coffee online

Development projects in the growing areas Ethiopia – the original origin of the coffee plant – are supported with one euro donation for every kilo of organic coffee sold. Because usually the farmers and communities are paid very badly for the delivered quality. The result is poor conditions for local health and education. The financial support is a great support for the well-being of the people affected. Wells and solar stations are being built, schools and health centres are being equipped. So you can sip your morning organic coffee with pleasure and a clear conscience.

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