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Tips against SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

This article shows some tips against SAD (seasonal depression), which affects us especially in winter. That’s what we’re up against here!

Also in winter you should stay active and practice a sport that you enjoy, that can be a fitness course, dancing or boxing.

What is important is simply the movement and the pleasure in it. In addition, the movement releases hormones that signal to the body that you are feeling good.

tips against sad seasonal affective disorder

In the morning and at noon you should eat foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Lots of fruit and vegetables are also good. Don’t eat too heavy in the evening. From time to time you can also “sin” and treat yourself to chocolate, whereby wholemeal products guarantee a longer burst of energy.

One should use the daylight and walk at least half an hour a day, even if the sun is not shining, because nevertheless there is enough light. The body perceives the brightness of daylight through the eyes and vitamin D is produced through the skin, even if only the face and perhaps the hands are free.

It is also recommended to surround yourself with bright, friendly colours, a nice bath with yellow towels and to treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers from time to time.

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