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Ski exercises for seniors

What equipment do you need for a skiing holiday? This article introduces ski gymnastics and equipment for your first ski holiday.

Ski exercises for seniors: Ski gymnastics and equipment

Skiing is fun, no question and healthy, but you should prepare a little bit to minimize the risk of injury. Fitness is the best prophylaxis against injuries.

Ski exercises for seniors

Often beginners make the mistake of overtaxing themselves, because skiing loads trunk, thigh and calf muscles strongly . So you should start at least six to eight weeks before your holiday with targeted ski gymnastics. Of course, it is best to keep fit all year round with running, swimming or weight training.
But it is not only condition, but also coordination and balance skills that are important, not only for skiing but also for snowboarding or cross-country skiing.

The first days of a ski holiday should also be taken a little easier and not drive the whole day to get the body used to the strain slowly. Warming up and stretching before departure is also important although it is often underestimated. But you don’t have to do the jumping jack or shadow boxing. You can do it funny with a snowball fight.

What to check at home before departure:

  • Skis and binding should be checked, if necessary give them to a specialist
  • Ski helmets can save lives, but it must fit well and not push, best to seek advice in a specialist shop.
  • Sunglasses is mandatory for high UV radiation in snow
  • A cream with a high fat content is important in cold and dry air.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen! SPF 30 to 50 and every two hours after cream without forgetting the ears
  • Through cold the body has a reduced sensation of thirst so one must be careful to drink enough, not only in summer as one usually assumes.

If you heed this little Checklist nothing should stand in the way of a nice skiing holiday with skiing equipment!


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