Swimming pond in the Feng Shui Garden
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Wellness Tip – Swimming pond in the Feng Shui Garden

The decision to integrate a swimming pond into the Feng Shui garden requires good planning. This article describes some basics that you should consider.

In the harmonious style of Feng Shui, swimming ponds can be used specifically in the garden so that the water can radiate its positive energy there. Natural water sources such as swimming ponds form a beautiful landscape with the plants in the garden and become a whole over the years.

In this respect the use of water for energizing is a good method for garden and nature lovers under consideration of the Feng-Shui rules.

Water in general has a great importance in Feng-Shui and practitioners know that the handling of the wet element should be carefully chosen so that the desired effect does not tilt into the opposite.

Wellness Tip - Swimming pond in the Feng Shui Garden

Harmony in the garden

Unlike a conventional swimming pool, swimming ponds form a harmonious balance. Properly designed, they reflect nature and become a natural image over the years. The plants used grow and form a natural unity with the rest of the garden.
the cardinal points are decisive

If you want to create swimming ponds in harmony with Feng-Shui in the garden, you should consult an experienced Feng-Shui practitioner. In Feng-Shui many factors have to be considered to achieve the desired effects. The practitioner examines the plots, the surrounding nature and of course the compass points in order to analyse the right places for swimming ponds.

Swimming pond in the Feng Shui Garden
Since the cardinal points in Feng Shui are decisive for the design of houses, rooms or gardens, one cannot give universal advice. Each place is individual. Therefore, the basic principles with the manifold number of possibilities in Feng-Shui are applied.

So every garden owner can get something Wellness at home.

What does Feng-Shui do in the garden?

Literally translated Feng-Shui ¬ means “wind and water”. It is therefore the science of the use of the natural elements water, metal, earth, fire and wood with the aim of harmonizing man. These five elements are used individually to positively influence the life and living conditions of its inhabitants. Happiness, prosperity, health, wealth and creativity are the cornerstones of Chinese philosophy. These individual points are analysed in Feng-Shui according to local conditions and living spaces or gardens are laid out accordingly. The element water stands for wealth in Feng Shui.

Properly designed bathing ponds can promote the family’s wealth, but can also create a wrong place but also unfavorable times. Based on the principles of Feng Shui, it is a good idea to place swimming ponds in a specific location in order to give a positive boost to your financial wealth, but also to your career or the imminent foundation of a company.

Fits a swimming pond in any garden?

Swimming ponds can be integrated into any garden taking into account the Feng-Shui rules. If you look at international places designed with this philosophy, you will soon realize that the mere sight of such a garden radiates a really pleasant harmony and beauty. Often you see fountains that achieve the same effect, because the element water is used. Besides a good practitioner you can read books and practice Feng-Shui design with other parts of the garden.


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