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Stimulating appetite for seniors: A household remedy

How can one stimulate the appetite of seniors? Here we present a household remedy, which can be bought everywhere in the trade.

Stimulating appetite in seniors: A household remedy, musk yarrow

The musk yarrow also Achillea moschata is a perennial plant that can grow 10cm to 20cm high. The stems and leaves may be slightly hairy. The flowers are numerous and mostly white, the distribution is at stony places and on rocks in the Alps and regions of more than 1400m height.

The leaves and flowering shoots of the plant are collected as healing power, these should be cut off in July and well dried. But be careful to cut off the shoots a few centimetres above the ground, the collected goods can be stored in a glass which should be protected against moisture and light.

You can stimulate your appetite with musk yarrow, so it helps against loss of appetite is digestive and also slightly diuretic. You can make a very good liqueur from it. To use you should add 3gr to 100ml of water and drink twice a day. It can also be taken in drops as a tincture.

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