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Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach: a home remedy

In case of an Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, there is a simple household remedy. It can be bought anywhere and is natural.

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach : Home remedy – snapdragon

The snapdragon or Antirrhinum majus is a perennial plant with many branches that all grow on a common stem. The bush plant has a similar structure, whereby the collar stems can grow up to 80 cm high. The leaves of snapdragon are short played leaves which can have different shapes. Thus the leaf can look oblong but also have an oval shape but always with hairy, almost bare surface.

The flowers of snapdragon form independent grapes of white and red flowers in very rare cases also once yellowish. The chalice consists of fringes, the crown is tubular and divided into two parts. The fruits of snapdragon are oval capsules with three pores in the upper part, which open when ripe and release the seeds.

The spread of the big lion-mouth is widespread in southern Europe of Italy and Spain. This plant is also often planted and cultivated in the garden. For snapdragon, the leaves and flowers are used as groupage goods. The leaves are collected in April to June before flowering, the flowers are then added in May to June immediately after they have opened.

After carefully drying, the collected goods should be stored in small paper bags, the flowers can be stored in a light protected place. The plant has anti-inflammatory, deviant and also analgesic agents such as plant mucus and glycosides. The plant can also be used to treat external inflammations of the skin, oral cavity and throat as well as haemorrhoids.

5 g per 100 mm of water is added and used for washes, mouthwashes or compresses as in a home care.

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