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Inflammation of the respiratory tract: a home remedy

Inflammation of the respiratory tract: are there any home remedies? Here we present a plant that can be bought in a DIY store or on the Internet.

The catpaw or Antennaria diolca is a perennial plant with thin roots and a leaf rosette from which the flower stems develop, which can grow to a height of 10cm to 20cm. The leaves consist of rosette-like base leaves with rounded or blunt tips.

Inflammation of the respiratory tract Home remedy: catpaw helps

The flowers form terminal heads with male and female flowers, the male ones are tubular yellow with white hair knots, the female flowers are filamentary from yellow to reddish purple with thin hairs. The fruits are cylindrical closing fruits which are slightly curved.

The catpaw is widespread throughout Europe in dry forests and bushes, the flowering shoots are collected as a medicinal plant, which dry well from May to August, healing goods and store in the glass. The active substances carotin, tannins, resins and traces of essential oils can eject, biliary, softening and alleviate the inflammation of the respiratory tract.

  • In case of inflammation of the respiratory tract or cough, brew 2g for 100ml water and drink cups wisely,
  • in case of inflammation in the mouth or neck area use as a rinse, add 5g for 100ml water and rinse affected areas.

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