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Balanced diet for office workers: What to consider

Balanced nutrition in the office: What do I have to do? What do I have to consider? This article gives us three tips that everyone should think about.

There is no doubt that a healthy diet is essential for well-being and performance. But especially in the stressful daily work routine this fact is often disregarded. The experts recommends drinking about 1.5 liters of liquid in the form of water and other low-energy beverages, i.e. sugar-free fruit and herbal teas and fruit juice spritzers, every day. According to a survey by the opinion and research institute Forsa forgotten but four out of ten professionals in everyday life drink regularly.

Balanced diet for office workers: What you need to do

To remember this, it makes sense to put a glass of water within easy reach at the workplace and to refill it immediately after emptying. Drinking rituals can also be helpful: For example, drink a glass every hour in the office or, as a student, reach for a water bottle in the break between two lectures.

A healthy breakfast prevents performance lows in the morning. Those who are not hungry in the morning can postpone breakfast, but should not skip it. Wholemeal bread or muesli with milk and fruit for breakfast provide the brain with glucose continuously throughout the morning and thus prevent cravings. The DGE also recommends fruit, vegetables and dairy products as snacks. Natural yoghurt with fresh fruit or pieces of vegetable with herbal quark, for example, do not require any elaborate preparation. During the day you should eat about 3 servings (375 g) of vegetables and 2 servings (300 g) of fruit.

When choosing lunch it is important to remember that according to the DGE recommendations fish should be eaten once or twice a week, while a maximum of 600 grams of meat and sausages per week is recommended. Salad, vegetables, unfried potatoes, wholemeal rice, noodles or bread and lean cheese are therefore ideal as a health-promoting, energizing lunch.
Finally, it can be said that eating should not be done on the side of the workplace, but according to the results of the Forsa study this is the case for 41 percent of the working population in Germany.

Take your time for your meal, switch off and use your meal break as a stress-relieving rest.

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