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Heal depression with sports

To heal depression with sports is possible, and this article is meant to give some ideas about what to do. Depression must be taken seriously!

Heal depression with sports

Depression is now taking up a large part of the health insurance companies’ treatment costs, and this has changed in recent years. While in the 1990s there was even less talk about it, depression is currently one of the most common mental illnesses of people in Germany.

Depressions can be treated

Many people are ashamed when they suffer from depression, because the disease pattern is still a little stigmatizing in our society. However, the disease is a disease for which the person concerned is not responsible. The good news – it is possible to treat Depressions.

Depression can have many causes and that is what makes diagnosis so difficult. There are the classic key experiences, which accompany e.g. the death of a loved one or the loss of the job. The affected person falls into a deep hole and permanently.

Depression must be strongly delimited from phases of exhaustion, as almost every person has already experienced it. Often then only the council comes from the “incomprehensible” environment to pull itself together or to take a time-out. But this is exactly the wrong way to deal with depression, because it makes the symptoms even worse, because in the end people can no longer cope with themselves.

If you have depression, you usually cannot get out of your mental depression without help.

Sometimes the disease is also caused by dysfunction of the thyroid gland, i.e. the hormone balance in the affected person is confused, too few messenger substances are released, or they reach the receptors in the brain to too little extent, then a permanent state of feeling arises, in which the affected person feels only emptiness at some point.

With a integral therapy, of course, it takes a while until one is “correctly adjusted” as far as the medication is concerned. That’s up to the doctor and it’s not always just about taking psychotropic drugs. This is only one lever that can be used.

Sport for the therapy of depression

Depending on the clinical picture of the depressed person, sport, especially running, can also be used as an accompanying therapy. There are special running seminars where those affected can participate. They learn to trust their bodies again and to meet like-minded people in the group and to exchange information informally. Moreover, sport helps the body to learn to release happiness hormones again, which is of course much better than taking in artificial hormones.

There is also Help on the Internet for affected persons , where you can get information and advice. This site offers help, people can dare to talk about their illness there.

For many depression patients this is the better way.

Of course, this is not a binding assessment, but it can provide information about the risk potential. If you have the feeling that it could affect you, it makes sense to seek medical treatment.

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