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The healthy eating basics: nutrition

This article shows healthy eating basics for nutrition. We will discuss the background of the nutrition and give you 5 tips.

Healthy eating basics nutrition: How does it work

The importance of nutrition for humans is enormous. The health and performance of humans depends to a large extent on nutrition. For this reason, athletes in particular should pay attention to their diet so that they are and always remain efficient. However, since not only physical performance depends on nutrition, but also mental performance, nutrition is of great importance for all people.

The importance of nutrition

Altogether three great functions and meanings can be given to nutrition, which are very important for every athlete. Preservation of health, reduction of body fat and the already mentioned increase of performance. Depending on your personal goal, there are different ways in which a healthy diet should look.

Nourish healthy

A healthy diet means not eating fast food and only eating natural foods. This strengthens the immune system and prevents diseases. In connection with sport and exercise, this effect is additionally supported and intensified.

Body fat reduction and healthy nutrition

The nutrition plays about 70% of the decisive role if you want to lose weight. Only if one pays attention to a negative calorie balance through a healthy diet, one can also lose weight effectively and permanently.

But one must not let the calorie deficit drop out too much, because otherwise the body switches to its “savings program” and no longer attacks its fat reserves.

Increase in performance through nutrition Increase in performance through nutrition

The type of food plays a decisive role here. If an athlete wants to build up his muscles, it is necessary to supply the body with sufficient building blocks of the muscles, namely protein. Approximately 2.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight are required daily. For endurance athletes a carbohydrate-rich diet is especially important, which is the ideal energy source for long endurance performances of the body.

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