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Ayurveda cure preparation: This is how it works!

This article describes what is necessary for Ayurvedic treatment preparation. What do you have to think about, what do you have to consider?

Ayurveda cure preparation: How it works!

Ayurveda – In the course of reading numerous women’s magazines, one or the other contemporary has certainly already stumbled across this term. In wellness spas we can indulge ourselves with Ayurvedic massages, we read about the perfect wellness diet according to Ayurveda criteria and in the shop we stand in front of the shelf with Ayurvedic tea and ask ourselves: Does this bring something?

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What is Ayurveda at all?

One could translate the term composed of the components ayur (life) and veda (knowledge) with “knowledge of a long life” or “wisdom of life”. That doesn’t sound so bad. The Ayurveda teachings from India have been known for over 5,000 years, so the views have already been more than amply tested.

The core idea of Ayurveda is a holistic view of the human being, which is always seen in connection with the surrounding universe.

Because of this the cosmos with its 5 elements fire, water, earth, air and ether is reflected in the human organism. From these elements 3 so-called Doshas or life energies are formed, which live in each being in different weighting. The first dosha, Vata, corresponds to wind and air, Pitta is connected to fire and water and Kapha stands for earth and water.

According to the Ayurvedic philosophy, man is only healthy and in balance if all 3 Doshas work together in balance and harmony.

In reality, however, usually 1 or 2 doshas dominate.

In order to have a positive effect on the life energies and to restore the balance in the sense of Ayurveda, there are methods to be applied internally and externally. These include massages of different body regions (Padabhyanga = leg or foot massage, Mukhabhyanga = facial massage, Abhyanga = full body massage), cleansing and purification cures (Panchakarma) or special nutrition guidelines.

And now it helps?

It has been proven that Ayurvedic treatments are especially helpful in the alleviation and treatment of chronic diseases. If you suffer from gastrointestinal problems, circulatory problems, restlessness or similar, you may find a way out of the crisis with Ayurveda.


And where to find a good Ayurveda doctor? Unfortunately, the term Ayurveda is not protected here in Germany, which means that in principle everything may first call itself Ayurveda.

However, there is an important distinction: The execution of real medical therapies and treatments is reserved exclusively for doctors and alternative practitioners. As far as the wellness and health care sector is concerned, however, everyone can get involved. Whether an institution really acts according to the Ayurveda criteria and offers high quality standards, one must find out therefore by trying out for oneself.

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