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Back pain from sitting: What to do?

This article answers the question, back pain from sitting: What to do? We present reasons for the pain and how to sit better.

Back pain from sitting: What to do?

Back pain is no longer just a problem for older people or people who work hard physically; back pain has now become a widespread disease.

incorrect postures, too little movement, wear or a combination for all three and many more reasons are usually to blame for the fact that every second German suffers or has already suffered from more or less severe back pain.

In addition, if the back suddenly causes trouble, psychological causes can also be a trigger. Tensions and pains can therefore not always be attributed to purely physical causes.

Back pain from sitting

Relatively unproblematic are back pain, they appear only sporadically and manifest themselves mainly in slight tension, pulling or temporary stiffness. For many people, it only gets worse when a chronic course is indicated or set in. chronic back pain is spoken of when the symptoms longer than 12 weeks last.

What types of back pain are there from sitting?

Back pain can be very different in its occurrence, some know the suddenly from clear sky “shooting” pain, in the vernacular also called lumbago>, others the constant and in other body regions pulling back pain, again others feel above all tensions and stiffenings in the musculature.

Whatever the back pain looks like, it has in common that it can become very unpleasant for the affected person and sometimes even have such bad effects that a normal life is made considerably more difficult or even impossible.

What can be done against back pain?

Different methods can be used to combat back pain. In severe cases (e.g. herniated disc), surgery is sometimes unavoidable. Non-invasive methods of treating back pain include treatment with medication, massages, health sports or physiotherapy, etc. Another gentle and often effective treatment method for back pain is traditional Chinese medicine with acupuncture.

The classical back school in physiotherapy teaches one thing above all:

movement and sport are important for the back, because only a strong and flexible musculature can provide the performance that is demanded of it.

The correct and straight posture is important (especially when sitting) and for all strain on the back it should be ensured that it is carried out correctly and evenly, for example by crouching when bending down with a straight back, by not lifting heavy loads out of the cross and so on.

If back pain is based on psychological causes such as stress or depression, not only the symptoms (i.e. back pain) but also the causes should be treated. St. John’s wort has proven to be a gentle, natural and effective remedy (especially in mild to moderate cases).

However, prevention is still the best way to effectively combat back pain: Preventive measures such as regular back training, observance of the basic rules of back training and a generally healthy and balanced life (i.e. also the avoidance of risk factors such as overweight or excessive stress) can significantly minimize the likelihood of being confronted with back pain.

How to prevent back pain from sitting

Back pain from sitting chairBack pain is common in our society. So primarily the high degree of passivity in everyday life represents a risk factor. Due to this fact, many people are too heavy and have a poorly trained and strengthened musculoskeletal system. This results in poor posture and overload damage, which in turn can manifest themselves in back pain. But how can back pain be prevented?

On the one hand, an attempt should be made to create a balance to the mostly sedentary everyday life. This can be, for example, a strength training or the practice of a ball sport. This strengthens the back muscles, which is why degenerative processes can be prevented or at least slowed down by a strong muscle corset. In addition, the flexibility, stability and firmness of the ligaments, tendons and bones are increased.

However, back pain does not necessarily have to have irreversible organic causes.

Rather, they are often merely the result of tense muscles. For example, massages or a relaxed backstroke can help to relax these parts in order to create an effective balance to everyday work.
However, it is also possible to try to make these activities as back-friendly as possible in addition to compensating for long sitting and lack of movement.

When sitting, a straight back and a relaxed sitting posture should always be taken into account. There are a number of special exercises and equipment designed to support such an attitude.

The Swopper can be mentioned as an example in this context.

This is a kind of round swivel chair without backrest, whose height and suspension can be configured. Such chairs may support and promote a healthy sitting posture. Without an appropriate awareness of this problem and the consistent adherence to a healthy sitting posture, however, even such seating aids and special seating devices are useless.

Ultimately, back pain should be prevented at an early age in order to avoid this painful and persistent phenomenon.

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