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Is zinc anti-inflammatory?

Zinc is often used for impurities. The question is, is zinc anti-inflammable? Is it true that zinc tablets can help against pimples?

Zinc seems to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

However, there are no meaningful studies on this. As sole therapy against pimples I consider it unsuitable. However, it can still be used together with acne therapeutics.

Inflammation is the cause of almost every disease

Whether bronchitis, arthritis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s or cancer – these diseases are all caused by excessive inflammatory reactions in the body. In fact, the causes of many hundreds of health problems are attributed to chronic inflammation.

Inflammation can occur either as a single symptom (e.g. pimples or acne) or can affect the entire body (e.g. blood poisoning). Terminologically, many inflammatory diseases end with -itis (e.g. arthritis = arthritis, gastritis = gastritis).

Inflammations can take five different forms: redness, heat, pain, swelling or impaired function. Since internal inflammations often go unnoticed at first, palpable reactions such as fever and general discomfort can be the first signs of inflammation in the body.

The actual inflammatory process is accompanied by an initial local reduced blood flow, followed by increased blood flow. In this way, defence cells (white blood cells) are transported from the blood to the focus of inflammation.  Inflammation is usually a natural defence mechanism of the body against intruders and harmful substances. However, an unhealthy diet and lifestyle can also trigger inflammatory reactions that develop into chronic centres of inflammation over time and by no means serve to maintain health.

Undiscovered chronic centres of inflammation in most cases lead to serious diseases. To prevent this development, a preventive lifestyle that focuses on a healthy and anti-inflammatory diet is essential.

Zinc’s influence on the body

We always hear about the role of zinc in the immune system. This is of course true, above all because it not only drives our immune system but also requires it to rest again and thus is particularly effective against allergies and autoimmune diseases. Since it also has an anti-inflammatory effect, it is also a good companion for diseases such as Hashimoto, for example.

  • Zinc is essential for the skin, especially for skin diseases and dry skin. Zinc accelerates the healing of wounds and people with dry skin lose a lot of zinc through the skin flakes, so they should always top up.
  • Zinc significantly improves our visual memory, leads to more concentration, supports antidepressants in their effect and promotes the availability of dopamine, keyword Parkinson’s disease.
  • We need zinc for better vision because it is good for the retina and it helps to break down alcohol better. Athletes also need more, because zinc is also excreted more with sweat.

What is the recommended daily dose?

15mg for adults, children say 5mg, but experiments with 20mg in school children have produced incredible results in terms of concentration and memory.

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