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Is Dental chewing gum good for dental health?

This article answers the question, is chewing gum good for dental health? There are several arguments and a video.

Is dental chewing gum good for dental health?

The answer is “Yes” if the gum is really chewing gum that is gentle on the teeth. But that also means that they should be absolutely sugar-free. Sugary chewing gums would in turn promote caries.

Chewing chewing gum stimulates the flow of saliva and can thus remove any leftover food via the saliva. Dental chewing gum and saliva can also neutralize acids in the mouth. The sugar additive xylitol, which is frequently found in chewing gum, also inhibits bacteria.

Of course, a dental chewing gum cannot and should not replace brushing your teeth, but it helps if you do not have a toothbrush at hand in the office or simply during the day. By the way, just five minutes of chewing gum is enough to produce the greatest possible saliva flow. So you don’t have to keep it in your mouth for half a day.


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