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Are strawberries good for the skin?

This article answers the question, are strawberries good for the skin? We discuss the ingredients and the effect of strawberries on the skin.

Are strawberries good for the skin?

Have you enjoyed the fruit or are you disappointed once again by an overbred, watery variety that tastes of nothing?

It is worthwhile to browse, try and decide on quality at the farmers’ markets, at organic stands or in organic markets! Because you can definitely get them… And then try one of the many recipes that can be found on the Internet.

Not everyone is lucky enough to find wild strawberries in nature, especially not in large quantities – but their aroma is incomparable; you have to experience it to have a benchmark.
Did you know that the strawberry of old age was also a medicinal plant and was even used for cosmetic?

Of course, this refers primarily to the wild strawberry (and anyone looking for something must look under this keyword, i.e. under “W”), but some things can also be replaced with the garden strawberry (provided it is chemical-free).

The tea for example, a infusion from the leaves (1 tablespoon per cup, 1/4 hour) has a “blood-purifying” effect (mildly draining and contracting), a little stuffy (thus against diarrhoea) and also a little hemostatic (for heavy menstrual bleeding: “mild Menostaticum” is in the Phytotherapy textbook by Josef Karl).
For skin care you can also use the juice or sliced fruits. Even in the bath water!

That the high vitamin C-content strengthens the immune system is clear…

(The only limitation: It is known that some people have allergic reactions; unfortunately they have to ignore all these sentences…)

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