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Why do I have muscle pain after exercising?

This article answers the question: Why do I have muscle pain after exercising?? We show how it comes to sore muscles and how it can be prevented.
What’s that exactly?

Anyone can get sore muscles, especially when exercising. The reason is always an overload or an unusually high strain on the muscles. But what exactly is aching muscles? Many still consider sore muscles to be an acidosis of the musculature. In the meantime, however, it has been proven that muscle soreness is microcracks in the finest muscle structurest. So you should consider a muscle ache as an injury, and behave accordingly.
sports and muscle ache belong together

Especially beginners or inexperienced people get sore muscles quickly, if they irritate certain muscle groups for example by a too intensive sportive load too much. For many, the question now arises as to how to behave in the event of sore muscles and how to get rid of it as quickly as possible.
muscle soreness puts such a strain on the muscle fibre that the smallest muscle fibres break.

They are the smallest muscle fibre tears that first have to heal again. To do this, the body needs some time and above all rest so that the muscles can heal.

The hard part about aching muscles is that you don’t get it until one or two days after overloading the muscles. The injuries of the muscle structure are already there, only that one does not feel them yet. This means, in the worst case, that after a hard training session you already have torn muscle fibres, but you don’t feel them yet, but the next day the same muscle groups are fully loaded again. This results in that one damages the injured muscle structures even more. In the worst case, the muscle can no longer heal properly, and is thus permanently damaged.

One must therefore have a sense of when one has overstrained one’s muscles in order to avoid damaging the muscles when training again. So you should at least use other muscle groups during training the following day. Once the sore muscles are there, the corresponding musculature will no longer be strained anyway.
One should not stretch under any circumstances, because the already damaged muscles are only further injured by the mechanical stimulus and the healing process is prevented.

The best way is simply to rest, and to feel for his body, not to overstrain his muscles at the next sporty stimulus.


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