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Should you have a Sport court in your basement?

Outdoor sports and your own basement (outdoor) is totally easy and saves time at the same time. Should you have a Sport court in your basement?

Sport court in basement

For many athletes a membership in a gym is out of the question, as it is not everyone’s business to do sports in an enclosed space, and to be forced by expensive membership fees to be seen as often as possible in the gym.
In addition, many athletes prefer to do their sport in peace and quiet and prefer to experience nature during sport.

But these athletes can also create optimal training conditions in their own basement for really bad training days due to the weather or even for the cold season, and develop the basement into a fitness center.

What are the advantages of a gym in your own basement?

On the one hand, the gym in your basement can really only be equipped with your favourite equipment, which you can then use at any time and for as long as you want. In the fitness center it can happen that you can’t use your favorite fitness equipment right away, because someone else uses it for half an hour. In addition, many athletes prefer to train on their own and not to be kept away from training by other people for smaltalk. In most households there is always a room in the cellar that is only filled with junk and actually does not serve any real purpose. In that case you can turn your basement into a fitness center.

Does the fitness center in your own basement pay off?

Fitness equipment comes at a price, especially if you plan to train really hard and for a long time. When financing the fitness equipment for your own fitness center in the basement, you simply have to extrapolate the saved monthly contributions for the fitness studio. For example, if a fitness studio costs 50 Euro per month in membership fee, this adds up to 600 Euro per year.

So if you initially calculate for the new fitness equipment with a purchase price of 3,000 euros, you have paid it off within five years, and the equipment belongs to you for the same money but also to yourself.

a comparatively short time, considering that as a real sportsman you want to do sports for the rest of your life anyway.


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