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How to relieve gout pain in your foot fast: a home remedy

How to relieve gout pain in your foot fast? There is a home remedy. We present this today in this article and make recommendations.

How to relieve gout pain in your foot fast

It relieves gout pain: Home remedy yellow bugle

The yellow bugle also called Ajuga chamaepitys is an annual plant that grows 20cm high and has bristly hair on its stems. The leaves are arranged simply linearly, divided into three feathers and tapered. The flowers of the yellow bugle are mostly in four formation, the calyx is hairy, mostly yellow or blue.

The fruits are closed fruits and oval oblong. The yellow bugle is widespread in southern Europe, both at the sea and in the mountains. This medicinal plant collects the above-ground part of the plant, i.e. the flowers, which are cut off and dried in March to June.
Always dry well and store in a place protected from the sun. The yellow bugle has diuretic, cleansing, antirheumatic, bleeding-promoting effect and can also alleviate gout.

To this you can drink the remedy as well as tea, here 2gr per 100ml water, or also as tincture, here 20gr per 100ml alcohol, then take 20 to 40 drops a day.

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