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Reduce your blood pressure naturally with herbs

To lower blood pressure, here are two home remedies that anyone can buy and use quickly and easily.

They are plants that most of us know.

Reduce your blood pressure naturally with herbs: Bear’s garlic as home remedy

The bear’s garlic, also known as Allium ursinum, is a perennial plant with an elongated white onion from which the leaves grow directly. The leaves are long and oval and exude a garlic-like scent that can also become very strong.

The flowers consist of up to 20 pieces and form the tip of the stem, the wrapper is closed before flowering. Wild garlic is widespread throughout Europe, mostly in moist and shady places. The onion, stem and leaves are harvested as a medicinal plant.

Everything should always be dried very well and stored in a glass. The active ingredients such as essential oils, sulfur compounds, allicin and glycosides have purifying, urine-propelling effects, they can cause redness of the skin to subside and are also a blood pressure lowering home remedy.

Use as drop with 3gr per 100ml alcohol.

Leave to stand for 7 days and then take 10 to 20 drops per day.

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