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Rubbed meat recipes

Rubbed meat sauces are awesome, and that’s why I’m presenting my 4 favorite sauces in this article. The can be prepared in less than 2 minutes.

My favorite Meat Rub Sauce Recipes

A mastery of the basics of sauce making can allow even the most culinarily inept make food that most people would consider pretty damn good, though for those people who could burn water and shudder at the very thought of doing anything beyond grilling or putting something in the oven, there is hope.

All you have to do is rub your meat.

meat rub sauce recipes

Things You’ll Need

-A large bowl of some kind, material is irrelevant, should be able to comfortably hold a gallon

**Note: There will be no procedure, the only step will be to combine all the given ingredients for each recipe.

**Note: I’m not going to give amounts, just ratios, as long as your base units are the same you could measure each ingredient with a shoe and it’ll work

Basic BBQ

10 parts Brown Sugar
5 parts Kosher Salt (iodized or “table” salt will not work the same)
7 parts Paprika
5 parts Onion Powder
3 parts Black Pepper
3 parts Celery Seed (You can use celery salt but use less kosher salt if you do)
3 parts Granulated/Powdered Garlic
3 parts Curry Powder
1 part Cayenne Pepper

Caribbean Jerk

10 parts Dry Thyme
7 parts Allspice
4 parts Onion Powder
3 parts Garlic Powder
3 parts Black Pepper
3 parts Brown Sugar
2 parts Cayenne
1 part Ground Cinnamon
1 part Ground Cloves

Cajun Blackening

3 parts Paprika
3 parts Onion Powder
3 parts Dried Thyme
2 parts Dried Oregano
2 parts Black Pepper
2 parts Kosher Salt
2 parts Cayenne
1 part Allspice


5 parts Onion Powder
4 parts Lemon Zest
2 parts Granulated/Powdered Garlic
2 parts Dry Dill
2 parts Lemon Pepper
1 part Brown Sugar
1 part Paprika
1 part Celery Seed
1 part Nutmeg

To properly apply the rub, HEAVILY coat a piece of meat on all sides, really pile it on, then lightly shake the meat so the excess falls off.

After rubbed let the meat sit, overnight is good, a couple days is better. Grilling, roast, smoking, or braising will work the best as a cooking method.

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