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Is millet good for a healthy diet?

Is millet good for a healthy diet, or is it just another fashion trend? It is vegan and vegetarian – we describe what millet does

Who does not know the fairy tale of the sweet porridge. The miracle pot constantly cooks the millet porridge and frees the poor family from hunger. Today millet is no longer a widespread cereal. It looked different 8000 years ago. Millet is the oldest cereal and belongs to the sweet grasses. In China, cereals were already cultivated extensively 4000 years ago. When the more productive staple foods potatoes, rice and corn became native to Europe, millet almost fell into oblivion. Today, especially in Africa and China, millet is still traditionally cultivated and mainly processed into flatbread. In Europe today, millet is mainly grown as animal feed.
For some years now, this type of cereal has been experiencing an increasing upswing.

Valuable ingredients make you fit

In contrast to other cereals, millet is not an acid generator, but forms bases. This property reduces the formation of mucus in the body and makes this grain an ideal food for colds and flu-like infections


Since millet does not contain gluten (gluten protein), it has become a particularly valuable food for people suffering from celiac disease and gluten intolerance. All other cereals contain gluten and cause severe diarrhoea and pain in those affected.
Although millet is not suitable for baking bread, there are many delicious recipes with millet. These range from the classic millet porridge or millet porridge to millet salad, millet casserole, millet dumplings and millet fritters. Pizza dough can also be prepared with millet flour.
shiny hair and firm fingernails

Millet is one of the grains with the highest mineral content. This also makes them a beauty house remedy. The silica contained strengthens nails, skin and hair.

In addition, a lot of iron is stored in the millet, which supports blood formation. Calcium and magnesium as well as vitamins B, E and A are also abundantly contained.

In its original form with shell, millet contains most of the valuable ingredients. This is called brown millet, but it is rather impractical to prepare because it has to be cooked for a very long time until it becomes soft. Brown millet is therefore often offered as flour. Peeled millet is easier to process and still contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. It is available as millet flake, millet barley and millet grits.

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