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How to get Rid of Nasal Hair

visible nose hair

Here I show the best methods, to answer the question: How to get rid of nasal hair? With little time and the right technique, it can be done.

The Problem: Remove nose hair! It itches and tickles in the nose and you can see in the mirror image that small dark nose hairs appear.

Who wants to? Here I show the best ways to get it back under control. With little time and the right technique, nose hairs that are too long are no longer an issue.

Why should I know? Because I’m a nasal hair trimmer myself!
I have to remove my nose hair 4-5 times a year. Then they have a pleasant length and do not look out from below. But it should not be trimmed too short. Then it could be that at first they sting slightly in the nose. This comes from the fine nose-hair bristles which have to become supple again after cutting.

Since I am too long and annoying nose hair, I have already dealt with the subject in detail. Pluck nose hair? Nose hair growing/waxing (remove with wax)? Cut your nose hair or trim it with a little helper? It’s not that complicated and can be done by anyone.

Should nasal hair be removed?

Both men and women have hair in their noses. However, it is mainly men with too long nose hair who are affected because the male hormones promote growth.

Simply put, they are a filter system for the incoming air. They absorb the smallest particles such as dust or bacteria from the air and clean them. A protection system for the human body. Doesn’t sound so great when you remove that, does it?

However, if the nasal hairs come out from the bottom of the nose, they are not considered very aesthetic in our Central European culture. So the best way to take care of it is with the following methods.


What to avoid?

Nose Hair Plucking Brushes (tweezers)

In the last years one came to the insight that nosehair plucking with a tweezers is not very healthy. The same applies to the rather painful nose-hair waxing.

The roots of the small hairs are torn out of the skin, leaving small holes in the sensitive mucosa of the nose. This creates an optimal gateway for inflammations and problems of all kinds!

So it is better not to remove or pluck the nasal hair permanently. Therefore you will not find a serious doctor or a cosmetic studio that can remove Nasal hair permanently.


How to remove the nose hair?

Nail scissors as nose hair scissors?

A common method is to shorten the nose hair with a Nose hair scissors*. It’s specially made for this. It has long, narrow blades and is rounded at the front to avoid injury inside the nose. This allows you to get far into your nose and use the sharp blades to shorten your nose hair to the desired length.

The Nail Scissors* on the picture is NOT suitable. Nail scissors should only be used if they do not have sharp tips at the front. This could very easily injure the nasal mucous membrane and again has the same problem as with plucking or nasal hair waxing.

If you have a suitable nose hair scissors at hand, it is best to go into the bathroom to a cosmetic mirror* with magnification. With one hand, the nostril is slightly bent outwards and the head is placed slightly backwards. That’s the best way to look up the nose. Now cut the hairs of the nose back to the desired length with the other hand until they are no longer visible or until they are no longer disturbing.

An additional alternative is the Remos Nose Hair Clippers*. It does not need batteries or rechargeable batteries and is as big as a recorder. A specially shaped head with concealed blades allows the nose hairs to be removed by rotary movements.

BUT it goes even better. If the manual methods are too cumbersome for you, the next section contains what I think is the most comfortable way to trim your nose hair.

What is the best solution? The nose hair trimmer!
Nose Hair Trimmer

I’m someone who needs to move fast. If the nose hairs bother me I come with my Nose hair trimmer* and make it shorter.

Nose hair trimmers are devices that were made exactly for this purpose. The little helper is reminiscent of a razor with an elongated, narrow blade that is inserted into the nose. Careful movements in the nose gradually cut off all nasal hair.

Nasal hair trimmers work either with batteries or they have a rechargeable battery that is sufficient for numerous nasal hair removals. There are also combination devices with which you can additionally trim the beard or remove annoying ear hairs. There you have a similar problem as with the nose hair. If they get too long, it just looks unaesthetic.

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