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Early signs and symptoms of osteoporosis

What are the early signs of osteoporosis? This article shows how this disease can be anticipated in order to take early countermeasures.

Nutrition and osteoporosis

Our bones need sufficient calcium, vitamin D, minerals and other vitamins throughout their life so that they can withstand heavy stress and regenerate again and again.
If not enough calcium is taken up with the food, the body gets the calcium essential for it from its own bones, with the consequence that bone mass diminishes.

Especially during bone growth in adolescence and pregnancy, it is important to take in enough calcium. In addition, the consumption of too much fat meat, salt and caffeine leads to a higher calcium excretion.

New findings in osteoporosis

Recent studies from the USA have shown that osteoporosis is not only due to insufficient bone density, but also to the quality of bone tissue and bone structure. Japanese women, for example, have significantly lower bone density than American women, but the cases of femoral neck fractures are two and a half times lower than in the USA. Bone quality therefore plays an equally important role. It can be impaired by insufficient vitamin intake, toxic substances, heavy metals, radiation therapy, circulatory disorders and hormonal disorders.


Symptoms and early signs Osteoporosis

Typically there are no symptoms in the early stage of bone loss. But once your bones have been weakened by osteoporosis, you may have signs and symptoms that include:

    • back pain caused by a broken or collapsed vertebra
    • Shrinkage over time
    • a bent posture
    • A bone fracture that is much easier than expected.

When to consult a doctor

You can talk to your doctor about osteoporosis if you have had an early menopause or have taken corticosteroids for several months or if one of your parents had hip fractures.

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