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Correct sitting position Mountainbike: What to consider?

This article gives answer to the question, correct sitting position on mountain bike: What to consider? We describe several (wrong) postures and how to correct them.

Correct sitting position Mountainbike

In order to be able to ride a mountain bike or road bike without pain or discomfort in the long run, the correct sitting position is absolutely important. The correct sitting position is determined individually according to certain body dimensions and specific requirements of the respective driving style. For the optimal seating position on the road bike or mountain bike, individual dimensions such as stride length, upper body length or arm length are required in order to be able to adjust the frame geometry of the bike to the rider according to the riding style.

The correct sitting position on a mountain bike: What to consider?

The right sitting position to relieve the body

Many athletes prefer cycling and spend comparatively much time on their racing bike or mountain bike. With the duration and above all also depending on the intensity of the driving style the loads on the body can become quite large. For every driver there is an optimal sitting position for his driving style and above all his special body dimensions, which places the least strain on the muscles and joints.

The optimal sitting position depends on the individual body dimensions

The first important body measure for the optimal sitting position is the determination of the inseam length. This is determined with the aid of a spirit level, which is pressed straight into the crotch while standing upright and back against the wall. With the help of a meter measure you now measure the height of the spirit level to the ground, and have therefore the stride length.

With this value the optimal saddle height can be determined by multiplying the value by 0.885.

The result is the height of the saddle in relation to the centre of the bottom bracket.

In addition to the saddle height, the seat length is also very important. The correct distance from the handlebar to the saddle tip is determined. This requires the length of the torso, the length of the arms and the length of the saddle. The seat length  is determined by the following formula:

x times (arm length plus torso length) minus saddle length x 0.59. The x value stands for the type of seating position. The value 0.52 is used for x if you want to ride comparatively upright.

The value 0.535 stands for a sporty sitting position, and 0.545 stands for a very flat sitting position.

The result of the above formula is the distance between the saddle tip and the centre of the handlebar.

For the road bike all determined values are to be used very well. Only the value of seat length for the mountain bike can be determined by trial and error.

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