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Artificial fingernails: What to consider?

This article provides an answer to the question artificial fingernails: what to consider? We compare the different systems.

Artificial fingernails: What to consider?

Nail design is no longer a trend. The demand for high-quality products in the field of fingernail cosmetics is constantly increasing. Since nowadays more than ever beauty and external appearance are paid attention to, a fingernail modelage belongs for many women to the matter of course. The selection of different techniques is very large.

Beside the classical French modellage with white nail tip there are very many multicolored techniques from the range nail kind. There are almost no limits to the nail designer’s imagination. In the expanses of the Word Wide Web there are now many nail design shops that offer a very wide range of articles. Here it is important as a customer to keep an overview and to pay attention to the quality of the products offered and not just to be dazzled by low prices.

The different systems for artificial fingernails

In the past, nail design was understood as the embellishment of fingernails with nail polish. Nowadays UV gel can be used to design beautiful and real looking fingernails. UV gel is a gel-shaped plastic that is applied to the fingernail with a special brush and then cured by the action of UV light. The fingernail gel can be used to strengthen natural nails as well as to artificially lengthen the nail. If the nail designer knows his trade, a well-made artificial nail can hardly be distinguished from a natural nail.

Artificial fingernails What to considerIn addition to modelling with UV gel, artificial acrylic fingernails are becoming increasingly popular. Acrylic is a 2-component system consisting of acrylic powder and acrylic liquid, which is mixed to a pasty mass and also applied to the nail with a special nail design brush. Unlike UV gel, which is cured by light, the powder-liquid combination dries in the air. Depending on the field of application, different powders are available.

No matter which system is used, a sound background knowledge of the anatomy of the fingernail and nail diseases is indispensable for the user.

This is the only way to make durable modellages that women can enjoy for a long time. Hygiene is also an essential aspect in the fingernail studio. Nail diseases can only be prevented by suitable preventive measures and disinfection methods. When choosing your fingernail studio, always make sure that work is done hygienically and that the working materials are professionally disinfected.

For interested hobby nail designers, the Internet offers numerous platforms where like-minded people can exchange ideas. Here you can ask questions about the application and for problems you will often find some suggestions for solutions in real time. One in Germany very popular Nail forum finds one for example on www.beautynails-forum.de. In addition to the specialist forums, there is also a picture gallery where you can upload your works to get feedback from other users.

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